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eta plus electronic GmbH is our strategic partner for purchasing, production, quality assurance and for parts of the development tasks.


Both Ambibox GmbH and eta plus electronic GmbH are characterized by a great expertise in the application of state-of-the-art hardware technology and development of the necessary software. In the future, innovative solutions in the field of DC charging technology for electric vehicles and battery and energy management will be produced by eta plus electronic GmbH. The highly innovative power electronics have been developed for six years by Ambibox GmbH from Mainz.


The cooperation between the two companies means that DC charging technology is available to customers in the form of 11 and 22 kW wall boxes. In addition to faster charging of an electric vehicle, it enables both the integration of a photovoltaic system as an energy generator and the feeding of energy back into LiIon battery systems or other energy consumers in the household.


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