The 22 kW DC wallbox was developed by Ambibox for public and private or business use. The DC charger for professionals also supports charging of high-performance vehicles up to 800 V in customer parking lots, for example. 


The wallbox is based on the latest power electronics technology with SiC semiconductors, is extremely compact despite high performance, highly efficient, robust and suitable for bidirectional operation (vehicle to grid). A wide variety of business models can be realized with using this product.


Technical Specifications

  • DC output power max: 22 kW at up to 800V DC 
  • AC input voltage level: 3 phase, 400V AC (Europe), 3 phase 480V and 2 phase 240V (US)
  • AC input voltage tolerance: +- 10% (static)
  • Power factor:  >= 99%
  • DC output current: 70A
  • AC/DC topology: Active 3-phase PFC, bidirectional
  • DC/DC topology: Resonant, isolated, bidirectional DC/DC converter with ZVS/ZCS full bridge
  • Input voltage stage: phase management and DC input
  • Safety and protection: 
    • Galvanic isolation (basic isolation input to output),
    • Fast discharge DC bus and DC output, 
    • Functional safety, 
    • Overcurrent monitoring,
    • Reverse polarity protection, 
    • temperature monitoring, 
    • self test
  • Lifetime: 10 years
  • Standby operating time: 100,000 hours
  • Active operating time: 14,000 hours