Our scalable DC/DC converter can be used to implement DC power systems consisting of batteries, electric vehicles or photovoltaic systems. It is a buck-boost converter in a single device that can be flexibly configured by software during operation.  Due to dunsere patented technology overlapping voltage ranges at input and output are possible.


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  • Peak shaving applications
  • Peak load buffer in DC intermediate circuits
  • Connecting DC buses with different voltage levels


Testing systems:


  • Battery test benches
  • Battery simulation


Intelligent power grid:


  • ESS (energy storage systems) with wind and solar plants
  • Fuel cell applications
  • Redox flow applications
  • Control energy to stabilize the frequency and voltage of a grids




  • (fast) charging stations for eCars    
  • DC wallbox
  • 2nd Life battery applications


  • Software-defined power
  • Bidirectional buck-boost converter as one unit
  • High efficiency up to 99
  • High switching frequency
  • Voltage regulation (also in parallel operation)
  • Parameterizable battery load characteristic curve
  • DC link buffering
  • Variable switching frequency (optimization of efficiency)
  • Built-in MPP tracker to enable photovoltaic field connections
  • Functionality can be extended via firmware updates