We are experts for power electronics in DC applications in the field of solar, battery, hydrogen and electric vehicles. Our product range opens the way to modern DC networks. We offer complete product development, rapid prototyping and market-accompanying product launches as well as protection against product piracy thanks to worldwide patents. 



With ambiCONVERT Battery, vehicle batteries can be made usable as stationary storage (2nd Life). It handles communication between the connected components and ensures that they can be coupled despite different voltage levels. All other battery technologies are also supported.  


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Our solar converter can be used to connect different types of photovoltaic systems to a variety of solar and battery inverters, new types of DC grids and off-grid applications. By combining different products, a customized energy system can be built. 


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Our scalable DC/DC converter can be used to implement DC power systems consisting of batteries, electric vehicles or photovoltaic systems. It is a buck-boost converter in a single device that can be flexibly configured by software during operation.


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With our sid-OS, apps for decentralized energy systems can be developed quickly and efficiently and connected via data. Third-party apps and standard apps can be integrated via a predefined interface.


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